The never ending story …

The full interior finishing … here we go …
Open side wall, what “pruning” needed in the garden.
Full open roof, door not quite shut.
Muscle power …
Column perfectly leveled and fastened.
Oriented towards on “magnetic north”.
Accurately aligned on “true north”.
Wooden ceiling, telescope and G.E.M. in “park” function.
Maurits at “Vista del Cielo” logo.
“Partially” all-round visibility.
Baader D-ERF 160 mm in filter cell – Insulation around the dew shield against the heat.
Baader adapter D-ERF 160 mm inside with soft protection.
The “red Nosram” power supply 13.8V/20A.
Takahashi TOA-150B telescope with Takahashi EM-400 Temma-2M goto mount.
Black drawer unit also used as computer table.
“EAA” drawer: Atik Infinity Mono camera, Bahtinov mask, Televue powermate’s, Visible Dust sensor cleaning, CCD filters, adapters.
Binoviewer accessories … TV Plössl, TV Panoptic, Baader Mark V, Takahashi ED 1.5x extender, GPC, Baader T2 diagonal.
Baader Mark V binoviewer 1,25 GPC with the Baader T2 diagonal and the TV Panoptic 24 mm.
Binoviewer combination with the Takahashi ED 1.5x extender.
Autumn sun in the Baader Herschel wedge center.
Z-BOLT Emerald Galaxy – XT green laser.
Manual adjustment: slot for a “brass” compression ring.
Kendrick DigiFire 7 heating module.
Davis weather station high in the sky.
Davis Vantage Pro2 console with Weatherlink.
Data from: Davis weather station, Knightware SQM, Stellarium, GONG.
Visual use … setup necessary parts.
My lovely wife “Mia” has taken this picture.
Observing stool with height adjustment.
Pier finished in “Takahashi color”, after analysis of the original color with spectrometry, Computer table, Rubber floor tiles.
Unihedron SQM-LU module.
EAA night setup of the “Atik Infinity Mono camera”, on the monitor “M13”.
Red led strip with the above “dark space”.
Right the “Takahashi reducer TOA-RD” (green inscription) with focal rings. 
Vortex diamondback hd 8×42 … Grab and Go.
Lunt LS35THA – B400 – TeleVue Sol Searcher – Gitzo mini tripod … Grab and Go. 
Imaging Source DMK 41AU02 AS camera … Grab and Go.
Sometimes there are unexpected clouds.
Even a thunderstorm coming.
Baader M68 Tele-Compendium with 5x Telecentric inside – SolarSpectrum 0.7A Ha filter setup.
SolarSpectrum “Double Stack” Ha filter 0.48A with temperature control – Daystar 0.5x Reducer – Small tuning wheel, before the Baader prisma diagonal – SolarSpectrum Setup.
SolarScope UK etalon “Double Stack” Ha filter 0.65A “back” with T2 thread on both ends.
SolarScope UK etalon “Double Stack” Ha filter 0.65A “front” with T2 thread on both ends.
SolarSpectrum “Double Stack” Ha filter – SolarSpectrum Research Grade 0.4x Telecompressor 2″ – SolarSpectrum Setup.
SolarSpectrum “Double Stack” Ha filter – Below the ZWO Tilter: Daystar 0.5x Reducer or Baader 2″ Adapter.
SolarSpectrum “Double Stack” Ha filter – Below the Daystar Interference Eliminator – Daystar 0.5x Reducer or Baader 2″ Adapter.
ASI120MM-S with Daystar Interference Eliminator and B600 Blocking Filter.
ASI174MM – TS 0.5x Reducer (or Daystar 0.5x Reducer) … SolarSpectrum setup.
T-2 Quick Changer with 2,5x Powermate.
Baader Mark V – 1,25 GPC – TV Plossl 32 mm – Powermate 2,5x – Takahashi FS-60 CB. 
Baader Mark V – 1,25 GPC  – TV Panoptic 24 mm – Powermate 2,5x.
Hydrogen Alpha “Lunt LS60F Ha filter SS” – Baader Mark V – 1,25 GPC setup.
Hutech Hinode either “Solar autoguider” on top of the telescope, behind it a round
“shadow plate”.
Lithium Battery 12V – 5V for the Hinode, Comparator for fine focus adjustment.
Adapter for Takahashi FS-60 CB and Lunt LS60F Ha filter with M90x1 thread.
Lunt LS60F Ha filter SS with Rotator and Adapter secured on dewshield telescope.
Lunt LS60F Ha filter – Rotator – Adapter … Solar imaging “Flat Field calibration” with cereal bag.
… Takahashi FS-60 CB vs TOA-150B …
TOA-150B – Calcium-K module B 1800 “Straight” – ASI290MM.
Aperture mask 100 mm for Lunt Calcium-K imaging with TOA-150B.
Starlight Xpress Oculus All-Sky Camera – Night captures.
Night overview “Startrails” – Starlight Xpress Oculus All-Sky Camera.
Kelly at the telescope ready for the picture.
Detail information.